How to Have a Missions-Minded Church: The Pastor

by Jeff Straub Seminary professors who come to the classroom with missionary and pastoral experience can offer immense practical value to men preparing for ministry. I recently observed my fortieth anniversary of preaching the gospel. I began vocational ministry a few years later, in the fall of 1980, and spent a total of nineteen years in ministry in Canada: eleven as a supported missionary in Manitoba and then another eight years as a missionary-supporting pastor in southern Ontario. When I … [Read more...]

Millennials – Why the Next Generation Will Change the Way We Do Missions

Mark Vowels, Director of Missions, Bob Jones University … [Read more...]

Federal Intervention in Higher Education

Kevin T. Bauder The federal government is changing its policy toward higher education, and the changes could affect every Christian college and seminary in the nation. The net effect of these changes is a significant federal takeover of the educational process. The vehicle through which the changes are being pursued is accreditation, but non-accredited institutions are likely to feel the bite of federal regulation. In order to understand the changes, you have to understand how accreditation … [Read more...]

Are Mission Agencies Really Needed?

Dr. David Little, President Baptist Church Planters Grafton, OH Email For many years most churches have required missionaries to be connected to a credible agency. Many churches have this requirement in their by-laws. Why? At the top of the list is accountability, both to the sending church and supporting churches. Churches want to know that financial and legal requirements are being addressed. Most churches do not feel they can adequately meet the needs of their missionaries without the … [Read more...]