Firestorm: Preventing and Overcoming Church Conflicts

Firestorm is a good description for what happens in many churches. Chapters go like this: Life Cycle of a Firestorm, Causes of a Firestorm, Fighting a Firestorm, and Out of the Ashes. Ron Susek uses real illustrations that make the issues clear and plain. As you read the book, you can identify with experiences you have witnessed or have been personally involved in. His solutions are wise. I recommend all Christian leaders to read the book. Also, if someone is seeking to help a church in a … [Read more...]

From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man : A Layman’s Guide to How We Got Our Bible

Following service as a missionary in Africa, the editor of this new book, J. B. Williams accepted the position of Baptist Mid-Missions' Southern Representative. This book which chronicles the current Bible translations controversy is subtitled, "A Layman’s Guide to How We Got Our Bible." Dr. Ernest Pickering commented, "Many volumes on this subject of manuscripts and translations produce more heat than light. Happily, here is a book that is filled with light and little heat". Order from … [Read more...]

Breaking Down the Walls and the Gospel – The Subversive Work of Evangelical Inclusivism

Raymond Teachout, BMM short-term missionary pastor to Quebec, Canada. This is an excellent review of the slide toward inclusivism with valuable resource materials on ECT. Available … [Read more...]

I Will Help Thee

This 210 page missionary biography tells the story of Linda and Arthur Seymour, two pioneer missionaries who were called to take the light of the Gospel to Africa. Authored by Leigh and Carol Adams (President of FOM) will be followed by another volume depicting the ministry of Dr. Dave and Ruth Seymour in the Chad Republic. Available here: … [Read more...]

Missions in a New Millennium

Douglas R. McLachlan, President, Central Baptist Seminary comments, "this excellent collection will serve as a provocative and biblical manual of information and inspiration." General Editors W. Edward Glenny and William H. Smallman have done a masterful job of organizing this 411 page volume focusing on changes and challenges in world missions dedicated to Dr. C. Raymond Buck, former President of Baptist Mid-Missions and officer of the Fellowship of Missions. Available … [Read more...]